Friday 31 March 2023
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Design: Impact Awards For Social Change

Design: Impact Awards For Social Change

Design: Impact Awards For Social Change

Celebrating product design innovations that change lives.

The needs of the world around us are open challenges. They call for us to design perceptive products that can create social change. Here at Design:Impact Awards, we call this kind of design-thinking ‘Effectivism’. Our mission is to recognize, support and promote visionary and transformative products and help them impact as many lives as possible.


Social change happens when the right design finds the right degree of support on both financial and promotional fronts. That’s why we support transformative design with financial grants, advocacy, mentorship and seed capital.

At different stages of the selection process, shortlisted participants get to engage with a team of design, social innovation, sustainability and entrepreneurship experts through workshops, bootcamps and interviews. Our goal is to add value to the projects of all deserving participants.


Product design innovators and teams with prototyped and tested products focusing on social needs may apply.

For example (but not restricted to):

  • Entrepreneurs focused on social product innovation
  • Individuals or small teams within large organisations working on a specific product innovation
  • Students working as individuals or small teams
  • Grassroots Innovators
  • Social product innovation by foreign nationals implementable in India


Applications close by 31st October 2017.

The product design innovation must be a tangible/hard product.

Products or Services with products at their core are eligible for entry.

The product innovation must be aimed at resolving a social problem.

The product must have been prototyped, tested and proven.

The innovative product must be implementable in India.

Foreign nationals are also eligible, provided the implementation of the design idea is in India.

Entries must be made as individuals or teams.

There is no age limit to enter the Awards.

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