Friday 31 March 2023
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Fundraising Methods for Nonprofit NGO

Fundraising Methods for Nonprofit NGO

Fundraising – Self Local Fund Raising Methods for Nonprofit NGO

Self fundraising methods and fundraising ideas are explained, like how a nonprofit NGO organization shall raise funds from donors who donate for social cause and social welfare.

Local fundraising is how a nonprofit NGO organization shall raise funds for their organization towards social issues and causes within their local network. Some simple local fundraising methods and fundraising ideas may help the nonprofit NGO organization to resolve the need of the funds.

Before fundraising check whether:

  1. Your organization has valid certification to provide donation receipts and tax relief certificates to the donors.
  2. You are ready to provide feedback to the donors about the results of social welfare activity, for which the donor had contributed as a donation.
  3. Display the list of beneficiaries who benefitted through the donations.
  4. Be in touch with the donors to donate more or to refer new donor from the family, and friendship network
  5. Be sure that your organization has a good name and reputation within the public community.
  6. You are able to generate a volunteer network with training and workshop.

Fundraising for corpus fund or General fund

First be sure whether your organization has a corpus fund or general fund. Several NGOs have no corpus fund or general fund and lack in providing feedback to the donors.

Fundraising for a cause

Fundraising is simple for a cause like conducting local medical camps, feeding local poor or any other simple cause which don’t need bulk funds, then it shall be raised to local funds. If the cause of fundraising and the cost of cause are high, then look over for national or international fundraising.

Fundraising for Individual Donors

When you receive donation from the donors, be prompt to provide valid receipt along with a thank you card to them. Be informative and provide feedback to your donors about the utilization of such funds through the local and public donations. Create a local donor group or fundraising network with volunteers. There are several people, who are generous and have ideas, inspiration, and dedication to serve for social cause. There are individuals who need an organization leadership or roof to do such philanthropy activities. Collect information of such people and often meet them in direct through your organizational volunteers or arrange a meeting hall to sit with them to expose your vision towards fundraising for the organization. Volunteers who support your organization shall play a major role in creating the donor group and fundraising network. So you can provide special training and workshop to get the best support of your volunteers.

Place donation box for fundraising in public

The donation boxes which you place shall broadcast your achievement of past and your fundraising need of the present cause. You can place small donation boxes in the local public crowded places like hotels, restaurants, bus stand, railway stations, community halls , recreation clubs and wherever public movement is high. But you have to get special permission before placing such donation boxes from the local government authorities like Tahsildar, Municipal chairperson, District Collector or Revenue Department. You shall consult this matter with your auditors who can help you in a better way.

Fundraising by Product Selling

  1. If your organization has its own product manufacturing, then it shall send their products to the donors and public people to raise funds. (Example products: Candle, Flowers, Handicraft products,T shirts, Grocery items, Etc.,)
  2. Be sure you are delivering only quality products to your donor network.
  3. Appoint volunteers to  market your products, which result in better fundraising.

The above types of fundraising methods are not suitable for project fundraising, or fundraising for schemes with high project costs.

Fundraising Methods for Nonprofit NGO

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