Saturday 3 June 2023
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Invite sent to Ram Nath Kovind for the launch of ‘untouchability-free India’ campaign

The Untouchability-free India campaign 2047, initiated by city-based NGO Navsarjan Trust which works for the upliftment of the Dalit community, will be launched at Nani Devti village on Sanand-Bavla road in Ahmedabad on Saturday.

The aim of the campaign is to make India free of untouchability by the centenary celebration of independence in 2047. “Only thirty years remain ahead of the centenary celebration of India’s independence and yet it has not become free of social evils like untouchability. We hope for cooperation from all people, regardless of their leniency towards any political party. Unfortunately, no political party in India could do this, although they enjoyed power at the Centre and the states,” said NGO coordinator Martin Macwan.

The event will be attended by Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar’s grandson Prakash Ambedkar, while BJP Presidential candidate Ram Nath Kovind has also been sent an invite. Macwan has also invited all social leaders, MPs and MLAs from Gujarat to attend the event.

Kirit Rathod, one of the campaigners fighting for the cause, in an open letter to Kovind wrote, “You will be visiting Gujarat tomorrow (Saturday), coincidentally the day we kick off our campaign. If you believe in an untouchability-free India, then you’re cordially invited to our event to show your commitment to the cause.”

“Did you feel sad when you were referred to as a Dalit President,” he questioned Kovind in the letter, further asking whether he would help realise Babasaheb’s dream of an untouchability-free India should he become the President.

Source: DNA India

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